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Orphan Project

Sponsoring an orphan is one of the righteous deeds which Islam encourages us to do and tells us are among the means of entering Paradise, and indeed of attaining the highest positions therein. There is sufficient encouragement for the believer to do these actions in the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): 'I and the one who sponsors an orphan will be in Paradise like these two' – and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them apart. Al-Bukhaari, 5304.

It is estimated that 140 million children worldwide are orphans. (UNICEF). Your Regular Support Helps Children Survive!. Of the many members of society, orphans are among the most vulnerable. This is particularly true in countries where there is little social support and where services are largely inadequate.

Please donate generously towards this cause so that we can reach those vulnerable children and help them. The money will go towards food, medicine and vital support, simple things that have been stripped away from the orphans of Syria because of civil war.

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