About IHR UK

About Us

International Humanitarian Relief UK is a UK based charity organisation which strives to relieve the global suffering of humanity caused by natural disasters, poverty or human conflict.
Our guiding ethos is that helping others less fortunate than ourselves is a duty incumbent upon every single person. We believe that all life is sacred and that everyone should have access to clothing, food, medicine and shelter as part of their basic human rights. International Humanitarian Relief UK aids mainly in the following areas:

  •  Emergency Aid and Relief
  •  Community building (such as Housing, Health & Education)
  •  Alleviation of poverty and financial difficulties in poor and deprived areas of the world

How you can help us?

Just call at 01274 557 599

Our Support

We will endeavour to provide these basic human rights to the poor and destitute of the world by distributing your donations directly into their hands.
International Humanitarian Relief UK helps by investing in long-term projects such as construction of clinics and by participating in educational schemes.
We provide urgent Health Support, Clean Water and Food that are required in emergency cases & all our support is given to everyone regardless of Race, Religion, Culture or Sect. We deal with everyone fairly and equally.


Our Causes